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Information regarding the real estate market in Western New York, Buffalo and surrounding suburbs and especially the Southtowns. Updates on local events and restaurants.



I recently attended an open house at Metro Roberts Realty's newest location in Tonawanda, New York.  I had the pleasure of speaking with two mortgage professionals who were discussing their respective bank's interest rates. I was surprised to learn that there was a huge difference between each ba...
I just read a post by a fellow AR member and adamantly disagree. Feedback is important. It is believed by many agents that providing feedback or requesting feedback after a showing is a big waste of time.  It has been said that "well if they did not write an offer they weren't interested".  That'...
There was a time not so long ago that "the customer is always right" meant something. Lately it seems as though customer service is dead.  At times it seems like stores are running themselves.  You are out of luck if you have a question, there are no employees working there. Okay there might be o...
I recently read an article on CNNMoney.com that Buffalo was the 5th most affordable housing market nationally.  News flash, we already know that.  With mortgage rates at their lowest in decades, and home prices holding steady for the past few years, now is a great time to buy a home in Western Ne...
I recently wrote a post about the random toilet.  Well friends I met his friend the random shower today. Yes this a real life shower in the middle of a basement. No shower curtain, no walls no nothing, not even a drain for the water to go down. Just hanging out there on a two by four in the middl...
I recently had the opportunity to help a client look for a new home in Allentown.  I always knew this was a popular area for artists, but what I did not realize is how beautiful this neighborhood has become and how popular it had become with all types of people.  Singles, families, retirees, etc....
Here is another great example of how generous the people of Western New York can be.  No matter how hard times are and how high unemployment is, we always find a way to band together and help out a neighbor.  Three weeks ago, downtown lunchers started lining up for fantastic Mexican food at a new...
Even Piglets need to keep their feet dry. Mine as well be fasionable about itl
I know this is a strange topic, but . . . . why not. I have come across many random toilets in basements.  Some are neatly tucked in the corner. Some are perched on a platform.  Not sure why a toilet needs a stage.  I have even seen one dead center in the basement. Not sure how you would use it w...
You have made the decision to put your home on the market.  Now its time to make it shine from top to bottom.   Nothing turns a buyer off more than a dirty home.  Take a moment to step outside your home and re-enter it as if you were a seller.  Look in all of those corners. Are there spiderwebs? ...

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