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Real Estate Agent - Equinox Real Estate - Licensed in Oregon
Becoming a Real Estate Agent Has Made Me A Better Person That sounds trivial and sappy, but it's true. How so? Let me tell you the many ways... 1. I'm more organized and function at a higher level than before. 2. I care more about people and focus on understanding their needs. I make an effort to...
Warning: The Spam Filter Ate My Prospect! The other day a colleague asked me if I was planning on attending a class at a local lender's office. I had never received an invitation, so she told me I should check my spam filter. It wasn't in there, but a notification from a prospect was! If you don'...
Coming in Hot: The Dangerous Life of a Real Estate Agent Real estate agents wear a lot of hats. No one could possibly tell you everything you might be called on to do. Some things you just have to figure out for yourself. Here is how I found out that some of my colleagues occasionally don the hat...
What Every Married Couple Should Know About Divorce and Real Estate Til death do us part.... Parting comes sooner than death for the majority of married couples. It's an uncomfortable subject, but the truth is, there's a lot to learn when it comes to couples protecting themselves in a divorce. Di...
When Do YOU Get the BEST Open Rates on Email Campaigns? As is turns out, there are great facts and figures out there, but no hard and fast rules. For instance, I found several different articles that gave best open rate times of 8am-10am, 3pm-4pm, 10-10:30am, and 1-1:30pm. The majority of emails ...
Yesterday marked my one week anniversary as an ActiveRain member. Last Tuesday I received an email from AR member Bahman Davani. He asked me if I knew about the Sensei/Grasshopper Challenge, and did I want to take part with him? I appreciate the fact that Bahman contacted me for two reasons: #1. ...
Charita makes a girl know how to feel special! Membership has its priviledges. Thank you, Charita for the encouragement and support. You make me feel proud of myself.  Who's A Rainmaker Now Baby?  Kelly Bogan That's Who. You might remember that I featured Kelly Bogan in my Last Week's Favorite Ne...
This lady knows what she's talking about. I don't quite get it yet, but she explains it in clear, concise language that is fun and easy to read. Her authoratative style demonstrates her expertise. I see myself taking this techological hat off and employing her skills instead of tearing out my hai...
Here's an interesting factoid for those of you who don't have the opportunity to regularly explore homes for sale: Some single family dwellings have UPSTAIRS washers and dryers! I was touring a Hayden home in Springfield with my mentor. We walked in, took off our shoes, looked around downstairs, ...
Here are some simple and affordable tools for getting your home beautified for SALE! As someone who has done housekeeping and rental cleaning, I would also suggest paying someone to do it for you. A few hours of housekeeping and yard maintenance can go a long way when focused on the most consumin...

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