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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



I saw this question last night on the Q&A and I thought I'd elaborate a bit on my YES YES YES answer. Let me start by saying I had a blog on my site BEFORE activerain (2008 for me) and I wrote and the posts just sat there with no one looking at them.  I might get 2 or 3 views and zero engagment e...
It rained today.  It rained on June 18th 27 years ago too.I  was walking out my first door to put some garbage out and it had started to rain.  My windows were down in my truck and my mind switched from taking out the trash to rolling up the windows, my body however was fully committed to taking ...
You have to see this listing in person to believe all it has to offer! It's such an amazing house. It has over 5,600 sq ft of space.  But with zoned HVAC systems you certainly don't have to heat and cool all the space if you are not using it.  There is an amazing 3rd story area of climate control...
Something you have to decide when making an offer is how you want your name to be appear on the deed. The choice about taking title is important, but not needed at the time of an offer. However you must decide prior to the attorney drawing up the deed that the seller(s) will sign at closing.Owner...
It's not every day that you can find a site built home on good water on Lake Sinclair for under $250,000. Inventory is headed down which means prices will continue on the slow rise. This cottage has over 2000 sq. ft., but it is indeed still charming. Has a nice wrap around deck and a screened por...
When my Donald goes to work he gets to take his cell phone, but it has to be on silent. Because he has it I can tell when when he is at a facility and I can't call him. Normally I get a text during the day when he's leaving where he was sent. The biggest problem is he never remembers to turn his ...
I was just browsing on facebook and found a map of the US and see my Donald has visited way more states than me.  We are planning a road trip this year, but I don't think we'll be added states.  Possibly one just for the sake of saying we went there, but I think it would be a 4 hour out of the wa...
I had a busy day both with work and person stuff. I left work a tad bit early and headed to my church where I helped feed 75 youth from a visiting choir. At the end of the day we overbought food just a bit.  So I packed up some left overs to drop at my office for agents to much on this coming wee...
I don't consider myself "obsessed" with rankings, but of course I care. By our very nature this business is worked by people who are competitive.  Do you know where you rank in your office?  in your mls? well why not ActiveRain too?I am a goal driven person.  And it didn't take me more than a few...
I remember a tough no nonsense daddy from my childhood.  But becoming a "grand-diddy" as my Abigail calls him was a very daddy changing event. I have known my daddy loved me every minute of my life, but I would venture to say he loves my daughter more. Maybe I felt that way because for the first ...

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