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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



I recently wrote a post about an upcoming evening event called "Christmas in the Briarpatch" and someone commented on the name so I thought I would explain why Eatonton is called the Briarpatch. It's an "Uncle Remus" reference.  We have lots of them in town because the author of the "Uncle Remus ...
Fool me once?  Shame on you.  Fool me twice?  Nope, it ain't gonna happen.   Note to Brokers/Agents In the best interest to our clients and as a general rule, we cooperate with Georgia licensees outside of our MLS in selling our lisings.  However, according to the provisions of the Brokerage Guid...
Dear Lane Realty,I read a little about your lake maintain at or near full pool at all times of the year which makes it one of the only lakes in Georgia to do that, according to my research.  But I'm concerned from reading your posts about the snow storm and ice storm last winter because we are lo...
Donald and I love to eat at Trophy's Bar & Grill.  It's a business out near the lake and we appreciate not having to drive all the way into town every time we want a burger.  And their Philly Cheese steak is worth any drive it takes to get there.  They are hosting a community meet and greet this ...
I have successfully navigated my way through many difficult situations in life, both personal and professional.  That tends to help me keep a level head when I'm dealing with situations where a listing is more than meets the eye. I have helped sellers who have had varies situations that complicat...
Are you looking to purchase on Lake Sinclair?  Lane Realty is at the lake and we're ready to help you find the home you want to buy.  If you are a casual looker who will be buying the next few years, we'll be here then too.  We're celebrating 30 years in the business this summer.  But if you need...
Notice that if I tag someone Debbie Gartner  and the name looks smaller than the rest of my copy .... it means that I tagged the person and then made my font size larger and the name I tagged is still it's original (too small for my old eyes to read) size. Now notice that this tag Eric Michael is...
Do I need to lose some weight? You bet I do.  Does diet and exercise make it into my resolutions this year, not a stinkin' chance.  Of course I'll try to do better.  In fact I started a 21 day no junk food challenge today and while I won't miss chocolate, I will be be missing chips and fast food ...
I've been showing you bits and pieces of my new listing for a while.  First the amazing few a couple of weeks ago. Then yesterday three of my favorite photos.  Well I went to work on New Year's Day so you would not have to wait any longer. This home is over 5.600 feet of heated and cooled space p...

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