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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



2013 was wonderful to me and my family.  We want to wish you joy, good health, and prosperity in 2014. I am about to toast in the new year with my Donald and he's my very best friend and we're warm and happy in our home with our fur babies and who could ask for anything more. Lane Realty will be ...
It's the day, the day we have firm determination and a course of action all planned out and we're sure this is going to be the year we keep those New Year's resolutions. We're going to start, stop or change something.  We have a plan. For me as good as my intentions are on day one I generally fai...
When I talk with agents from across the country and in various Facebook groups I hear a lot of buzz about just working from home and having a virtual office only.  That may work for some folks in some areas, don't get me wrong I believe you when you say it works for you.  But would you please sto...
This is Laney.  She's named after my office Lane Realty.  She showed up on the front porch there on Sunday in June of 2007.  She lived at the office for a while, but she started to follow clients out and want to chase their cars and that wouldn't do.   So I lugged her then 8 month old self into m...
I understand sellers wanting to sell in "as is" condition and not have buyers asking for repairs. But if you seriously are not going to make the repairs you need to disclose that you will need a cash buyer. The lender wants the home in a certain condition to make the loan.  Generally speaking tha...
I'm going to write this post with fictional names.   John and his wife Mary were both real estate agents and bought a Lake Sinclair home at the height of the market.  They made improvements, refinanced and life was good.  Then life happened.  The market crashed as did their income levels.  They l...
Some days I just want to get back into bed and pull the covers over my head.  I was just told (verbally) "we have a deal, they have accepted your counter" then the paper work shows up and it's still wrong, wrong and more wrong.  They are wanting our signature on THEIR last counter offer, not our ...
Yes, I got some "things" for Christmas this morning.  Even some "things" that were on my wish list.  I got a new waffle iron and a dehydrator.  I can't wait to make dried fruit.   I was also very blessed to have my daughter (even though she was a little tired) get to spend Christmas with us.  She...
Merry Christmas!  Santa Claus is coming to town!  I just checked NORAD and it won't be long.  The cookies are baked and everything is ready for tomorrow.   I would like to wish all my wonderful friends a very Merry Christmas!  I hope you enjoy your day. Now it's time to open my Christmas eve gift...
War Bonds, Stories & Letters from WWII Friday, January 24 8:00 PM War Bonds is a musical journey through a war that redefined the world. This multi-media living history cabaret is interspersed with personal letters from the front and headline news of the period. If you have any family letteres f...

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