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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



When driving around Putnam County and looking out the window the view is as likely as not to look like this photo.  Of course more times than not the cows are black and white, not black or white.  Putnam County just happens to be the Dairy Capitol of Georgia.  So when you are drinking that next g...
Oddly enough this question came up again today after I had saved the title in draft so I could write about the subject as it comes up quite often where all parties cannot be at the closing at the same time.  And in my area it is customary for buyers and sellers to sit at the table at the same tim...
I recently got an email from a Senior Cititzen thinking of moving to Lake Sinclair.  The usual questions about hospitals and doctors offices and transporation was not at all what I got from this senior.  He said " My wife and I are very active, is there plenty of stuff going on at Lake Sinclair t...
Sometimes we have buyers that understand the market and listen to us when we give them the "the house will sell better if you do 'these' things list" and I just listed this home for one of those sellers.  To get ready for market they painted inside, pressure washed outside, stained the decks, put...
I wrote a post about when Mona Gersky stopped in with her mom to visit.  It was a short visit, but took the time to share a meal together and enjoy each other's company and conversation over lunch.  And of course there was photo taking.  I took photos of Mona and her mom and Mona took photos of m...
A few weeks ago I got a call from a former client who purchased a Lake Sinclair home... They had a question about the water heater having a smell and remembered I had said I had to get a plumber to help with that same problem at the office. When you have well water there are certain chemicals in ...
"I want the seller to pay the closing costs, don't I?"  That is a question I get from both first time and experienced buyers.  And my advise to them may not be the same as other agents, but after you read what my advise is and the WHY behind it, perhaps you will change your mind about it too.  Wi...
I just read a blog post that really shouldn't have made me angry, but somehow it always gets under my skin that Memorial Day has become a three day weekend about grilling and car sales.  Did you know that in 1968 Congress passed the "Uniform Monday Holiday Act" moving 4 holidays to Monday to give...
This is likely the most frequently asked question I get.  They ask me in emails and they ask me on the phone and they ask me sitting across the desk from me in my office.  They get angry that I am "not doing my job" and "not helping them" and go on and on about it. so let's look at a FEW of the r...
I had a MLS board meeting this morning at 10 a.m.  So when I was in my office I was working toward making sure all the HAVE to stuff was done ASAP and getting my to go coffee ready (yes coffee is a priority) when I did a quick check of my email to make sure nothing urgent needed attention when I ...

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