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Taking you back... Over the New Year's holiday while my mother was in the hospital and I was worried out of my mind I submitted a bit for a HUD house on behalf of a buyer client.  We waited and waited and waited until finally the email came saying we had the winning bid.  That email came on Janua...
Friday I went to my local office supply store for ink for my printer.  I've had the same printer now for a couple of years and I know the ones I buy, only that's not the ones I bought.  I was putting it away in my desk when it hit me that I'd picked up 940 and not 920 HP cartridges.  So yesterday...
Although it would have been great for a Friday Funny post... you don't get to see what I looked like when I arrived at work this morning...  Still in my fuzzy, feety, blue, eyore pajamas.  My hair was not combed and my teeth weren't brushed either.  I awoke this morning to NO POWER and it was 11 ...
Sometimes you find just the funniest post that really should be seen by everyone.   All agents, all brokers, all CONSUMERS who type those fake names in our registration forms.  I'm disabling comments because I want you to go over and comment on Mary's post itself.  And tap the suggest button whi...
The first day I should have really stayed home. The little engine that couldn't didn't make it up the hill the first time. But my camera was at the office... I had to do get it. And maybe I should invest in a garage. Lots of homes here in the south don't have them. Maybe that should change. fetc...
Recently I received an email asking: Dear Tammy,You said that Lake Sinclair is a Georgia Power lake, does this mean all the lots are leased from Georgia Power Company? I don't think I want a lease the property, I want to own it.  Can you buy it from the power company.The answer can sometimes be c...
Okay, I have to admit I'm one of those people who can't stand it... I didn't stay home all day.  I got out and drove in the snow, ice and slush.  I only drove two miles to the office and frankly by the time I arrived at the office I was wishing I'd stayed at home.  I didn't stay long.  Only long ...
Jane= being inspired by Harrison Long wrote an article on lowering your monthly mortgage rates.  Her market is Los Angeles, but I suggest if you have a lump sum to put on your mortgage and would benefit from lower payments... call your lender and ask about this program.  I might have chosen this...
It's likely it's ALL of us who have told a client we didn't get their "message" be it email/voicemail ect... when we REALLY didn't get it only to know that the person we are telling that to doesn't fully believe we didn't actually get it.  It's frustrating, but it happens.  When I got home yester...

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