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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



Lane Realty, where it's not about volume, but quality. In looking through the Showcase of Land and Homes... A publication for my local MLS, I noted two ads that I wish to address.  Of course I won't be pointing fingers and naming names.The first ad from Brokerage XYZ (30 agents)  says "We're # 1"...
We have three cats in our home and two dogs (but that's another post).  My cats are very individual and different as can be.  My husband snapped that photo because it's SO unusual for those to cats to be that close to each other. We have Gabby, the black and white tuxedo cat.  If you came over yo...
I was at a party when I first saw one of Vicki's paintings and I just instantly fell in love with it.  I wanted one from the moment I saw it.  My mom has painted a couple of beautiful pictures and my mother in law has painted many beautiful pictures and I can't draw stick people.  As a young woma...
Recently I read a question on facebook about agency in antoher state that led me to write this post. I want to explain a little to you the buyer or you the seller who might be searching for the right brokerage firm on Lake Sinclair to list or assist you in finding a home.I will be the first to ad...
I hope all the serial commenters get to read this post. You remember "Dig'Em" the Sugar Smacks frog.  Well for the purposes of this post I'll be calling cereal serial commenters "dig'em" cause they dig those 25 points that 50 characters can get them. My Point... (originally the end of this post) ...
I have left my cats home alone before for a few day when I had someone stopping by to check on them an make sure they have a clean sandbox and plenty of food and water.  When we added dogs to our family it was not so easy.  We've had dogs for just over three years now and in that time only had a ...
I have found in my career that I take a liking to most of my clients, both buyers and sellers and Debbie is no exception.  She purchased a house about a year ago.  She hasn't moved here yet, but was here this week for a visit.  She stopped by the office and dropped of a gift for her home inspecto...
The Baldwin County data for August 2011 is in and there were a total of 26 sales* reported.  The good news is inventory is down to less than 25 months worth.  And in 3 were waterfront 23 were not on water. 2 were vacant lots off water  August of 2010 saw only 18 properties close.   The average sa...
I love Sambo and Gracey, but I would love for them to have a better forever home than my office.  So if you would like two scared little kittens ... they will come complete with food bowl, a bag a food and a few cans of kitty milk replacement.  They are very timid and just a few weeks old.  Someo...
Tonight my husband is home.  I'm grateful my husband is home.  He has spent the last 20 years of his life in law enforcement.  He has both in the military and for the state of Georgia put his life on the line in order to serve and protect.  Friday he will be doing it again.  Every single day when...

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