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Political Correctness vs. offensiveness Do you say things among your family and friends that you wouldn't put in your blog or say in front of your clients?  Of course you do, and so do I.  I have nick names for friends that I wouldn't dare say in public.  And do I think that sometimes people go a...
This morning at 3 a.m. my sweet husband who is my biggest supporter drug himself out of bed on his day off and drove some of my former clients to the Atlanta airport.  They have gone on a three week vacation to China.  And yes, in three weeks he is going to drive back to the airport and pick them...
I don't usually get excited about market reports. Or maybe I should say it's been a long time since I got excited about a market report.  2011 is different. I wonder if my readers get excited about them.  Well maybe a seller does.  We only have  a few days left and while the actual number of sale...
If you haven't read about this yet, I hope that you will hop on over to Glenn's blog and send him some tea.  If you are going to raincamp AC you can take it to him in person. :) The Buddhist notion of karma suggests that, as human beings, we are responsible for our own happiness and we can also a...
I had just turned 14 when Christopher was born.  My mom has three sisters, the middle one was Christopher's mom.  I was just old enough to babysit a little after he was born. I have so many sweet memories of Christopher and some that are so funny if I told them you might laugh until you cried.My ...
I've started this post time and time again.  Over the years I have given some amazing "things" as closing gifts and I thought about writing about one of those "things", but I changed my mind after a conversation I had with buyers I'm working with while going to look at one more house last week.  ...
When I was in high school I hated history.  All those dates were hard to remember and it was BOR_RING. As I've aged and matured I've come to love history, when it's taught right.  No offense intended Mrs. Garard, but if you'd made it about the people and made the people real to me I would have lo...
Glenn Freezman raised a great daughter.  You have to participate in this pay it forward.... And now I'm going to tell you why... When my house was struck by a tornado in 1992 we lost power.  Fortunately it was only for a few days.  And I can't tell you if it was late that Sunday evening or if it ...

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