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I've blogged before about "A Day in the life of a broker", sometimes it seems our work is never done... but today, not only was my work not done, I was my own worst enemy. I went on an appointment outside my office with my mom today.  It wasn't my appointment, but one of those things you just don...
I don't even know just how old the analog television that we'll be taking to the dumpster is anymore.  Some time ago I just lost track.  I know it weighs about a hundred pounds.  But when it died a little (it was only about the top 1/3 of the screen that died) and we went and ordered a new one......
I usually an ready for ANYTHING....  BUT not one Friday several months ago.  I was working and still a bit under the weather from a cold or flu or whatever I had.  I called to tell my husband that I had to run a few errands and then I would be home.  It was around 1:00 in the afternoon. He told m...
You know today was one of those days when I just really didn't get much accomplished.  We're working on the problems that are holding up the progress with several of our pendings.  It's getting a bit irritated. Imust have called 15 people on three different deals that didn't close this week that ...
Okay, this place is well, outdated, overgrown and smells a little.  We've attempted to correct as much as we can.  Carpets have been professionally cleaned and grounds have been cleaned up too. But still, the carpets need replacing, the kitchen is lovely original 1983 and the paint choices are we...
Did you know all Georgia lakes are man made?  Yup, there is not one natural lake in our state.  I'd like to tell you a little about MY lake.... Lake Sinclair is 15,300 acres of beauty.  It has 417 miles of shoreline and stretches through Putnam, Baldwin and Hancock Counties. Sinclair Dam constru...
Yesterday afternoon as I sat working on line at my computer I lost my Internet connection while updating my website.  I picked up the phone to call the report the outage after it lasted longer than I thought was a "glitch" and discovered I also had no phone service.  Uh oh!  I called from my cell...
Your emotional attachment to your house can cost you big $$$ Our homes are very personal to us.  And I know this from personal experience.  Thinking of my Grandmother's home brings warm happy feelings.  Thinking of my parents home does the same.  But when I think of the last two homes I lived in ...
As a single mom for 14 years, I always felt one of the most important things I could give my daughter was confidence.  I started early and maybe to a fault, telling my daughter she was smart, beautiful and could do ANYTHING if she was willing to work for it.  And I want to share with you just a f...

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