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Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



Every month when I get our power bill I read it carefully. They have a nifty little chart that compares this month to last month and the same month one year ago.  I pay attention to that.  Paying attention to that makes me more careful to only run the dishwasher when it's full, turn the lights ou...
My husband, who works for the Georgia Department of corrections prefers me to say "Container Gardener", but my mom, my grandmother and my nanny told me there were flower "pots" so I'm a "pot" gardener. I can't plant a garden in my yard for a couple a reasons.  First of all, I love my trees too mu...
I don't like to go to the dentist.  Okay, that's a serious understatement.  I HATE going to the dentist.  But in recent years with my parents "good teeth" started to break and loose fillings I have decided that it is necessary even if I hate it. I had some dentral trauma as a child and I had a ho...
For years there has not been a great steak house locally.  Recently that changed and PJ's Steak House opened near Lake Sinclair and it's a GREAT steak house. The new local family owned Steak House prides itself on you getting more than you expect and leaving full and satisfied. I'm not a huge ste...
To understand the depth of my love for my husband, Donald, I'm going to take you for a brief tour in my shoes.I married the first time at the very young age of 19.  My parents that I love very dearly did not advise me against such a mistake.  And hindsight being 20/20 and all even though my first...
In my rambling around this afternoon reading posts I stumbled upon one about Earth Day celebrating it's 39th Birthday next week. 1970- This photo was taken February 1st 1970.  The day before my life would change forever. I got a new littlebrother that day.  And withall but a few years when we wer...
Well I was planning to write this post, but my friend Sheldon just prompted me to stop what I was currently doing and write it NOW. What the heck is a tea party?Well the one I attended yesterday had no tea and no biscuits/cookies.  (And when I do drink tea I like full of sugar, ice, and lemon.) B...
When I get to the office in the morning I have my little routine.  Unlock the door, turn on the lights and the computer, check for out going mail, head out to put up the open sign, un-forward the phone and turn off the answering machine, & make coffee (we have a bunn so this takes just two minute...

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