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Lakefront Appraiser of 25 Years. Mary knows the Lake! Don't make a mistake an hire someone who does not understand Lake Site Values.
As you know, Appraisers review FMLS/MLS listings daily for important information that you as Realtors provide. If you treat your listings as if they were your own home, not only will you help the seller sell their home, the buyer decide which home meets their needs, you will also help Appraisers ...
Appraisal Management Companies, take heed.....I am not a huge fan of AMC's if anyone out there has been following my posts on the subject. However I am seeing a trend that may give AMC's the advantage if things do not change.    First, the good AMC's are paying the Appraiser's fee, not some cut r...
  Remember that Movie.....Can you tell me the name??   So here is my BEEF and I want to hear from Realtors, Other Appraisers out there and Yes, Lenders too! I have been appraising since 1993. I have Seen it all, the highs, the lows, but Now I am seeing RED! When we send an appraisal to a lender i...
Upon request of a fellow Active Rain Member, Patty Da Silva, I am passing along what I know to be the truth about Building permits and how they impact or affect the appraisal on a property.     First and foremost, local, county and state laws differ to varying d...
I have to tell you a story, but first, Realtors need to know that providing "comps" to Appraisers for review can Backfire on them big time! Unless as a Realtor, you understand the principles of Substitution, when to make adjustments and how much those adjustments should be for variances between t...
In my daily appraisal travels we see more and more new construction inside existing developments. They stopped building a few years ago and now investors/builders are buying up the remaining lots CHEAP and starting to build homes on them. And YES,,,,,in our area anyway, I am definitely seeing an ...
As an appraiser I have to chuckle when I see numerous FMLS listings where the Realtor says this home is Priced to Sell!  My immediate response....Well I sure hope so, is that NOT the goal for Realtors to sell the home! I have never seen a listing that says, this home is WAY overpriced for the mar...
Most lenders are requiring that the utilities are turned on BEFORE the home is appraised. This is for all loans, not just FHA. Most buyers will have an inspection, so if that occurs before the appraisal, keep those utilities on unless there are issues with that occurring, i.e. water leaks, etc. I...
    Thank you John Bryant (Real Estate School in Atlanta) for providing this information!  ch CHECK WITH YOUR STATE, THIS MAY ALSO BE A REQUIREMENT FOR YOU! Sure, Appraisers and Reators are the real problem when it comes to illegal immigration!!! Come on! But we must comply so read below and cli...
If you have not seen my prior post on the UAD and how it affects you please go here now. UAD is now in effect. I have already seen some Realtors adding comments in the FMLS/MLS system about renovations and updates to the home, especially kitchens and baths, which all appraisers must include in th...

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