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Lakefront Appraiser of 25 Years. Mary knows the Lake! Don't make a mistake an hire someone who does not understand Lake Site Values.
A True Case Study..........   When completing BPO's for Homes or Townhomes in developments where there have been many sales of what appear to be similar homes or units, do NOT primarily focus on their sales prices to come up with your listing price. This could Backfire on You!   Many Times Realt...
I am extremely humbled to be included among the top 10 Appraiser Power Bloggers Nationwide. Thanks to fellow Active Rain Blogger Bill Cobb who nominated me after reading my comments to the well known blog post noted below "WHAT TO DO WHEN AN APPRAISAL COMES IN LOW"Bill and I have followed each ot...
Appraisers are in total Control of the Comparable Sales Selected - Right? Not Always and this has a direct impact on values. Like it or not this is what Appraisers must deal with when producing Appraisals For Lenders who sell their loans to Fannie Mae.   So what does all of this mean for you? BE...
This is perhaps the most asked question of Appraisers...How much do you "give" for a Finished Basement vs. Unfinished, A Pool, Bathrooms, Garages, Fences, Boat Docks, Barns, etc.The answer is.....I cannot tell you..... WHAT you ask? Why not, you are the Appraiser. Back in the Old Days when Appra...
  REALTORS YOU HAVE MORE CONTROL OVER APPRISALS THAN YOU THINK! READ ON....   Appraisers.... start telling Realtors what Lenders YOU have good experiences with...It will help to weed out the BAD Lenders if Realtors are more selective in who they chose to work with.   Here are steps REALTORS can ...
Worried about your deals still falling apart due to Low Appraised Values, well hold onto your seats.....READ THIS WHOLE Post, then SHARE Everywhere.  Big Changes in the Appraisal World coming by the end of January 2015 with Fannie Mae's Collateral Underwriter (CU). Right from the horses mouth.......
  Quick Links   BUILDING PERMIT REQUIREMENTS - HALL COUNTY   BUILDING PERMIT REQUIREMENTS -Forsyth County     Lake Lanier Water Levels   How to Prepare for an Appraisal   Benefits of a Pre-Listing Appraisal    Letter to Seller about Pre-Listing Appraisals   Join Our Mailing List So you have a ho...
  This link takes you to the Petition which is copied below. As Appraisers we need to make our voices heard. Please Also put your thoughts and comments in the comments section of the Petition you Sign. Many have already done so! Please pass this along to all of your Appraiser Colleagues.   Apprai...
                  Even with the Internet which allows access to "LOOK" at thousands of homes online..... Do yourself a FAVOR and Hire A Realtor.     As the saying goes...."KEEP CALM & Let a Realtor Handle It" Why? I'll give you 10 reasons why?    1. You need someone to run interference when it c...
In Case you are in need of an Appraiser who KNOWS Lake Lanier in North Georgia, here is what people are saying about our Service. With the Recent Re-Assessments of Lake Lanier Property in Hall County, You need someone who understands lake values in order to provide a realistic and TRUE market va...

Mary Thompson

Lake Lanier Appraiser in North Georgia
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