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Lakefront Appraiser of 25 Years. Mary knows the Lake! Don't make a mistake an hire someone who does not understand Lake Site Values.
3/7/09   Dear Mr. President:   I hope this is one of the 10-20 letters that reaches your desk today because there is a large segment of professional, experienced workers who are being put out of business by the new stimulus package and the HVCC (home valuation code of conduct). I know you want to...
This is very important and I hope many eyeballs see this one! I attended the Georgia Appraisers Coalition meeting in Atlanta yesterday, which included speakers: Casey Cagle -Lt. Governor, Secretary of State Karen Handel, Jeff Ledford - Commissioner of the GA Real Estate Appraisers Board, Majority...
Okay first let me BUST a MYTH out there. The administration is telling people that even though YOU are not going to get bailed out while your neighbor who is going through foreclosure is, you should be happy because YOUR home will not suffer further loss in value if we can get these foreclosures ...
This site has some very interesting information a bout the stimulus package. You can find projects by state or territory:  California, Florida and Texas Lead the Way for number of projects. You click on your state and up come all the projects the m...
I know this may spark controversy, but I for one am tired of hearing about the Oscars and Hollywood. I have for a long time. Why? Because these people have no clue about recession and hard times. Below is a link to a very interesting video about Hollywood, worth watching: Horror of all horrors, a...
 I have the news on Lake Lanier Listings and Sales for the second half of 2008. These are based upon FMLS stats for homes that were coded as being Lakefront or Lakeview properties with at least a single slip boat dock in place. Figures will not be exact, but they are a good representation of act...
$13.00 a week, WOW now that is going to stop this recession dead in its tracks! Give me a break and John Stossel would say! Within that 1110 page package which no one has read in its entirety before signing including Barack Obama, we have that middle class tax cut that is going to CHANGE the econ...
"Congress voted on a $790 billion economic stimulus bill that includes a modest expansion of a first-time homebuyer tax credit and restores to $729,750 the upper loan limit in high-cost areas for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA loan guarantee programs." The prior limit was ...
Okay this is a test to show how AR can kick up the Google juice. Let's just see if Google picks this one up right away or not? I will keep you posted.  Google picked up my White House Story in no time flat! We just mailed a DVD to Barack Obama, Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America and the ...
   If content is KING, then crown yourself today... If this post is not featured, I am going away....LOL Seriously folks here is the bottom informative content on any website gets you great Google Juice. It is fantastic for the website developer as they get top dollar for advertising...

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