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Lakefront Appraiser of 25 Years. Mary knows the Lake! Don't make a mistake an hire someone who does not understand Lake Site Values.
I was thinking it would be of great benefit to all here on Active Rain for an Appraiser like myself to provide a regular Reality Series if you will, on how we view properties, the things we look for that will add or detract from value, some real insight from one who is out in the field every day,...
I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you To Active Rain Evangelist (Bob Stewart)    and To Rodney Mason fellow Active Rain Rainmaker I was one of those Rainmakers that fell thru the cracks on the grandfathered status. I have been blogging ...
As many of you know, the Obama Administration proposed the eventual dissolution of GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) Fannie and Freddie.  The shift of mortgage credit would go to the private sector/markets.     Larger Down payment requirements is part of this proposal. Without government ...
As an appraiser the MLS/FMLS photos are integral to determining quality, condition of the comparable properties. We drive by the comparables but we do not get to see the interior of these homes. The subject is the only home we do get to see inside and out. So the more details in your description...
  The survey of over 10,000 appraisers nationwide is in and for Georgia, the Reasonable and Customary Fees for various reports can be found by clicking the link below. The Dodd Frank Bill has stated that lenders and AMC's appraisal management companies need to start paying appraisers usual and cu...
I complete a fair amount of REO foreclosure appraisals for big banks. Names shall remain confidential. The banks typically will ask for a BPO from a Realtor (the same one who will likely list the property) That right there screams conflict of interest to me... They also have an appraisal done. On...
Had to pass this one along! Today, I received an order from an Appraisal Management Company who will remain nameless, a request to complete a FIELD Review Appraisal Report. FEE: $100.00!Turn time 2 DAYS. I of course DECLINED! Most well respected Review Appraisers would not touch that fee and turn...
 Overall the News is Fantastic. Here are the Lake Lanier Sales Stats for the First Half of 2010. Here are the long awaited Lake Lanier Sales Stats for the First Half of 2010. We will compare these numbers against the same period last year as well as to the last half of 2009. OVERALL THE NEWS IS ...
New AMC law read all about it Georgia is the latest to enact new laws that govern AMC's (Appraisal Management Companies) Similar laws now enacted in Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma, AMCs operating in each state will be required to register with, and be overseen by, state appraiser boards. The lat...
I know it is frustrating when foreclosures are used to appraise a property, which I discussed in a BLOG before. See Below Link. However, if appraisers are using SHORT Sales, CRY FOWL. Why Appraisers Use Foreclosures  Here is how a Short Sale is Defined: A property sale negotiated with a mortgage ...

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