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What you need to know about buying or selling New Construction!
Riverside New Construction Springing into the Selling Season The builders are gearing up and all signs point to a fantastic selling season in the Riverside/Inland Empire area. The real estate selling season has officially begun as builders, determined to capture a percentage of eager buyers, move...
The Riverside/San Bernardino area has always been at the forefront of real estate activity. As an area once ranked number 4 in the nation for appreciation we plummeted to number 3 in foreclosure activity. We have been emerging from the crash for several quarters. With a 20% appreciation over last...
Riverside sellers leap into the spring selling season with a well planned selling strategy and marketing plan! Riverside homes gained a 20.6% appreciation over last year as reported by the California Association of Realtors.  If you are a Riverside homeowner now is a great time to put your home o...
Winning the New Construction Game in Riverside Once again the times are changing in real estate and a pent up buyer demand has the New Construction builders ecstatic. The low inventory levels have resulted in rising prices yet buyers ready to enter the fray can (and are) purchasing the home of th...
Lake Hills Reserve Real Estate Update January 2013 Prices are increasing as homeowners hold out for higher prices in the Lake Hills Reserve. This report provides current information for buyers and sellers interested in the 750 acre masterplanned mountaintop community - Lake Hills Reserve. Nestled...
Fiduciary Responsibility - What does it mean to you? "Utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealing with Seller/Buyer." Words I believe we should refresh in our minds with each transaction. Even experienced agents can become complacent and need reminding of the importance of our Fiduciar...
Lifestyle Marketing for the Lake Hills Reserve   Why Do People Live in the Lake Hills Reserve? This is a  scenic mountain-top community, situated among rolling hills on 750 acres, offering a tranquility not often found in a tract community. It is a master-planned community offering panoramic view...
Shifting with the market is critical. Subject to Interior Inspection....Ahhh (Charlie Brown groan) that phrase drives me crazy especially when I see it under agent remarks. Normally this is code for me to ignore the listing and scratch it off my list.  It usually elicits a long tirade from me abo...
Riverside/Inland Empire - State of the Neighborhood Address Predictions, Prognostications and Predilections Lying in the midst of the Inland Empire, here in sunny Southern California, are the cities of Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley and more. Many of us have chosen to live in the Riverside/Inla...
Orangecrest Riverside Real Estate Update -  November/December 2012 Traditionally the holiday season results in a slow down of real estate activity. Not true in the Orangecrest Riverside neighborhood. More transactions are in escrow, more homes closed and more listings for sale. More is the word f...

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