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My 11-year-old son is an endless sea of questions. He asked me why we drive on parkways and park on driveways. He asked me why cars have shipments and ships have cargo. He has some really good questions! Just when I unloaded the Kiddie Cadi, switched hats to Realtor®, there enters my buyer. Buyer...
Excellent post today by Mr. Richard Weisser in Newnan, Georgia. Home selling how-tos will never really change, no matter what marketplace, no matter what year. It is a universally known fact: you want to sell something today (vs. tomorrow or later or never) for top-dollar, then look like it and a...
Reading a few articles right now about housing in DFW and the news is very.... repetitive. In a very... awesome way. Over and over I am reading how Dallas-Fort Worth has great jobs, fantastic entertainment, affordable housing, good schools, great community outreach programs and an overall amazing...
Love my job. Love it so much I have to put the brakes on the excitement sometimes. Especially when I look across the table and find the client's signing hands shaking! Closings are really fun... for me! But for a client who is anxious about it or sad to sell it, what can we, as the pro, do to hel...
This week as I watch the world change their profile picture to a cross or an equal sign in support of traditional marriage or in support of equality in marriage, I am sitting here grateful for each and every friend and family member I have in the GLTB community for sharing their life with me. I a...
Today Brooke scored two goals! We talked on the way to the soccer game about how the goal is as big as a truck, the goalie in front is tiny. All you have to do is go around her. So she did. It reminds me of real estate deals where buyers and sellers negotiate over what most of society would say i...
Today Mom wanted to visit Trader Joe's -- new to the DFW marketplace. I always tease I'm a weird woman, with a preference for shopping for groceries or at hardware stores over clothes or accessories anyday of the week. I come by it honest. Mom wanted to go, so off we went. Thanks to the longer-th...
ADORABLE new listing being shown faster than the speed of light and this low baller comes along... What do you say to an email like this: "Thank you for taking the time to look through this offer. Hopefully it meets or gets close to your sellers expectations. Our buyers are very interested in th...
Ever feel like you're chasing a sale down like a robber? Like your sale grew legs? I have this perfect listing. I interviewed with the seller a year ago. She decided the timing wasn't quite right then. She called again this year. We decided the timing is right now. I knew it would go fast. Knew i...
 Ever had a snake up your grass? Dealt with the forked-tongued this week. Happy about one thing... I'm not married to it!

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