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Office Politics ~ Working at home or in the office.  This is a luxurious choice we get to make as real estate agents.  With technological advances just over the last 5 years, working from your home has become easier!    What works the best do you think?  I prefer to work at home because I get up ...
I'm selling homes in this market with Owner Financing and Private Lending! If you are an owner and own your home free and clear, you should consider owner financing in this market.  With Owner Financing, you close the purchase of your home just like any other real estate sale.  The only differenc...
Florida is ON SALE!                                                            And you know what happens with sales?  They have expirations!  That's right!  Even though my market in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Palm Coast areas have taken quite a hit over the last couple of years,...
I had a customer walk in today and ask "So, when is the market going to turn around?" Well, IT ALL DEPENDS!  I know that he didn't want to hear that in areas, it already has!  But in my area, Ormond Beach, Florida, the news continues to bombard the public with negative real estate statistics and ...
I frequently get the question "What are the qualifications for a Short Sale?"  First, with a Short Sale it's not really a question of HOW to qualify, but just DO YOU? By the time you are considering a short sale, typically alot has happened in your life and you are STRESSED!  Divorce, job loss, f...
We all know owner's of homes that are waaayyy under water....owing much more than the home is worth today.  This is not due to the fact that they pulled equity from the home when they probably shouldn't have, or because they financed 100% or more when they purchased....their only crime was buying...
Recently,   I had a client that compared every home he saw on the basis of price per square foot.  Although I was happy to have a client that was educated and seemed interested in the analysis end of real estate, I had to explain to him that this is a very skewed way of looking at the market. Pri...


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