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1. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Accumulating the funds for downpayment and closing costs is a common barrier to potential homeowners.  The Smart Start Program is available to participants in the Agency's first mortgage homebuyer's program who are purchasing homes in Smart Growth areas.  The program helps...
Thanks to Dan Brudnok for posting this information.  These folks need help so lets spread the word...I know that the when fire happens to anyone it is a devastating event for not only for those involved but the community as well.  Here in Coatesville the fires are having a lot of stree on the ent...
    Homeowners refinance for different reasons, but the process of refinancing a mortgage should result in some benefit to the homeowner. A borrower may choose to refinance to obtain a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment, or change the type of loan that they have. Borrowers who start...
 1. Pre-approval - Get pre-approved for a mortgage and know in advance exactly how much house you can afford. Completing this step will also increase your negotiating power since you'll be viewed as a "cash buyer". 2. Loan Search - Put yourself in the hands of an experienced mortgage professional...
In response to the higher mortgage default rates being experienced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the largest buyers of 30-year fixed, conforming mortgages), the formal announcement of "Risk Based Pricing" was established during 2008. Before this was announced, a 30-year fixed loan was basically ...
I've got good news and bad news...which do you want first? OK - here's the good news. Interest rates are at historic lows, making it possible for many homeowners to refinance and improve their financial position - and combined with homes listed currently at bargain prices, those who are in the ma...
Setting Salaries and Bonuses for Your Assistants A good assistant can make all the difference in business. It can be the difference between doing fine and doing great, between breaking even and being profitable.So what's the best way to get (and keep) someone good? Make sure they're well compens...
    A prepayment penalty is a fee charged to borrowers that make full payment on their mortgage, or pay off a substantial portion (generally anything exceeding 20% of the total loan amount), ahead of schedule. This is a clause written into some contracts to protect the lender's book of business ...
  The Fed is meeting January 27th and 28th, and its actions could impact home loan rates! Don't Wait. Call me before the Fed acts so we can review your situation and determine if there's anything you need to do.       Karl PeidlSenior Mortgage ConsultantSuperior Mortgage Corp(800)706-6671 x4349k...

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