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BUSY day on tap for Thursday. New loan application,loan closing & review settlement numbers for a Friday closing. All needs to be done by noon. Then have a annual company day out with local Realtors on the SS Lily pad for 3 hour cruise on beautiful Lake Wawasee. Gonna be a Tough work day!!    
Most mortgage lenders today base the borrower's eligibility  guidelines for credit on their personal credit reports " FICO score". But how do you build a credit(FICO) score when you have never had any credit and no one seems to be interested in giving you credit. That can be a real "Catch 22" dil...
I have been a Android owner for 2 years now. I bought it to primarily receive emails while on the go. Not until recently have I begun to educate myself on smart-phone  apps that are available to make my job so much easier. Many of the best ones for my business are described below in the excellent...
A new idea to pay for the extension of the payroll tax cut is now being tossed around Washington. Members from both parties & both houses have been promoting a fee that will be charged to banks for the delivery of every mortgage loan that is sent to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. While it is not a cer...
    One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from Real Estate Agents when Ruoff is conducting the actual closing of a purchase transaction is: "Are your closings insured like the title companies"? But what exactly is a "Insured Closing" ? Once a loan is cleared to close and scheduled...
If you are like most home buyers who begin their home search, they start by deciding "How much house" they can afford on a monthly basis. Once you have arrived at that figure, you can then calculate how much the overall price needs to be in order to stay close to that number. There are normally 4...
   With today's more stringent lending requirements, it keeps getting harder & harder to get many potential home buyers approved for a mortgage.    HVCC appraisal guidelines, income & down payment verifications are just a few of the many issues that can trip you up along the way in the process fr...
So you just met with your Mortgage Loan Officer and they indicated that your credit looks good,your debt to income ratios are okay and your asset statements validate that you have the necessary funds to bring to closing. All that is needed now is the appraisal to come back with a certain minimum ...
This is a very well written from Philip Faranda. While of course rate is an important issue, it should not be your only criteria when searching for a lender. Do they have their own Underwriters that make the loan decision or is it sent elsewhere? What are your closing costs? When can I expect my ...
Foreclosures are plentiful everywhere and our area in Northern Indiana is no exception. I love working with certain Realtors that handle a lot of foreclosures. They understand how to market these homes and what it takes to get a transaction to the closing table.  As for the others that occasional...

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