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Japanese Koi are cold-water fish. Their ideal water temperature is between 70-78 F. They become stressed as temps creep up to and past the 90's F. Many things happen when the water temperature rises that affect the health of your koi. Does this mean you can't own outdoor koi in Arizona, Californi...
  Koi have been steadily growing in popularity in America ever since the end of WW2 when military personnel witnessed their first Nishikigoi shows (see history of koi fish). Resorts, spas and other high-class businesses seem to be especially keen to add the koi esthetic, either as an inside garde...
 I asked a question on here a couple weeks ago about whether realtors saw koi ponds as an added value or not. It got removed because someone who was helping me turned the sincere question into something that felt (and was) salesy and inauthentic, and I would like to apologize for having that be m...
                               You know, as professionals, that small details and connections with clients can mean big business for you. People's homes are intimate places, and a realtor with warmth and knowledge about a shared interest is the icing on the cake.Koi ponds are special places in a ...
 Koi ponds add tremendous value to a home, both emotionally and financially.   These long-lived, peaceful creatures create a tranquil experience that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. For a more in-depth look, we have a longer guide about tips for caring for your koi in winter.  Here...

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