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After a year of having COVID present in all of our lives, video conferencing has been a main way of communicating for most people. Whether you are working from home or connecting online to stay socially distant, video calls are ever present. Everyone is connected to a computer and the internet, w...
               There are always a few ways to keep your home warm efficiently in the winter.  These tips and tricks will always help to keep your home warm.  There are no universal solutions for everyone, but tips can help overall.  In Highlands Ranch property management, we try to inform tenants...
This should not come as a surprise, but the 4th of July Parade and Fireworks show for the upcoming holiday weekend have been cancelled in Highlands Ranch. Most cities are also canceling their plans to host fireworks due to the social responsibility of forgoing large events while COVID-19 is still...
You probably knew this already, but the Spring Bazaar in Highlands Ranch has been canceled this year. Originally scheduled for Saturday 6/27 from 9:00am to 5:00pm, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 dictate that they will not be able to safely have the event. We have written about the Spring ...
You have visited in the past, and we’ve previously blogged about this in our Highlands Ranch property management blog series. This is the Whiskey Masterclass – Westland Whiskey event! This is now going virtual for obvious reasons, but this Thursday 06/25 the Whiskey Masterclass is now Virtual. Fr...
Some news on our housing market today, it appears that home building is beginning to rebound. Housing Starts were up 4.3% in May, Building Permits went up 14.4% and the National Association of Home Builders confidence Index’s biggest ever monthly gain took it into positive territory. Freddie Mac ...
Gas prices are approaching the lowest levels they’ve been since 2005 and this summer you may want to get more mileage out the gas you put in your tank.  The best way to beat the dependence on gas is to get an electric car, but that isn’t feasible for everybody.  Until more options become availabl...
               If you are a part of a networking group, you will have to hone in your sales manager moment or minute. This is the best encapsulated version of your services that can educate and request a call to action.  You may have to pitch this over the phone or in person and so preparing your...
You need to stay healthy while deskbound all day. Many of us, whether working from home or now returned to the office, you might be in a position where you need to sit all day. In Highlands Ranch property management, there are many days where you are chained to your desk, without being able to le...
Preparing your home for a sale can be a daunting task. Suddenly everything that you have been putting off or lived with will immediately be under the scrutiny of discerning prospects. Staging can always help the time on market, and some budgets are larger than others. If you are willing to inject...

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