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If you have a VA mortgage already on your Charlotte house, and it is more than 2 years since you last refinanced or bought your house, consider looking into a VA Streamline refinance to see if you can save some money on your home loan. Fairway Independent Mortgage is a licensed Mortgage Banker au...
With the mortgage industry tightening up, this is one of the last "flexible" and special programs out there.  Not only are these loans for primary residences, but it can be used for second homes and INVESTMENT properties as well!  This is a great way for investors to pick up great bargains with l...
The Killer Jumbo Strategy for Charlotte Homeowners:  The Home Ownership Accelerator. If you have a 25% down payment, and are responsible with your finances, you need to know about the Home ownership Accelerator.  This loan program will allow you to:  ·Save thousands in interest ·Pay off in about ...
I am very excited to talk about a new product I have been certified to offer.  It is called the HOA or HomeOwnership Accelerator.  At first I was a bit skeptical about it and likened it to many of the MLM schemes that came out in the past years - however this is not a ruse to get you to spend tho...
I came across a good idea and wanted to share and see if anyone already does this.  You will probably tell me - that is so last decade and not worth the time.....but I thought this was neat and different. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to keep in touch with your database - closing gifts,...
Whether you are a first time home buyer, buying a vacation home, or even a seasoned investor the below link is important.  I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and I came across this handbook and would like to share. The link provided is using DropBox a great tool in sharing large files. ...
One of the biggest complaints people have when it comes to the mortgage process is being asked to provide documentation and then being asked several times for more and more information.  It's more the being "nickel and dimed" for paperwork that is the frustration of buyers.  Now there are many re...
We have a new purchase contract in NC and now time is of the essence like never before! The contract is based on a due diligence period with little to no contingencies.  Basically there is a time period the buyer has (the due diligence period) where he/she can walk no questions asked without losi...
Having been in the mortgage industry for 14 years I have seen a lot of lows and highs.  The business and industry continues to provide challenges, suprises, and opportunities.  2010 for me was a great year -  Production was good but what made it even better was landing at Fairway Independent Mort...
Ealier I posted about Jing and Dropbox as great tools and resources to help come across more professional to clients.  My focus this year is to step up my presentation skills and learn more about the technology out there that can help. My latest discovery is a way to clean up emails if you are sh...

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