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This is the Active Rain version of my blogs regarding wholesaling Real Estate for Realtors®. Located at TenMinuteSkill.com and HouseFlippingAgent.com
Content Marketing For Real Estate!It’s not often talked about.  However, in today’s podcast, we will dive deeply into the five things I feel you must absolutely know to CRUSH it in Content Marketing for Real Estate Leads!   Listen To Episode 449- Five Things To Know To CRUSH Content Marketing!   ...
Karen BernardiIf you don't know her name... you should!  Karen Bernardi of The Bernardi Group is one of America's Top Agents... selling hundreds of homes per year in Boulder Colorado.  What you may not know however, is that Karen is also an amazing human being!Listen in as I sit down and talk wit...
Prospecting, Lead Generation, Business Development, no matter what you call it… is the lifeblood of your business. The problem is, you must generate leads, and then convert them!If you must daily generate the leads your sales business needs, and then convert them, then you are fighting a uphill b...
Hiring Buyers Agents For Your Team?In this timely episode of The Ultimate Sales Pro System, you will find three very useful tips to hiring buyers agents as Team members to increase your profits!  It's not as easy as running a Craigslist ad and looking for a great agent!  Learn how to attract and ...
Don't Lose Money!Ugh.. if there is one thing I have done well, it's lose money!  I've made some serious mistakes when I've hired agents on my teams!  In this episode, I will share with you some of the biggest mistakes I've made, and 3 specific ways to avoid losing money when hiring agents on your...
Uncomfortable About The Future?If you are a Realtor® who works with Investors, or your Center of Influence needs to buy some this year (hint hint!) then this article is for you! You know, it's common.... Over 19 years of real estate investing, both as a Broker/Investor and as a listing agent for ...
Hate Competition?Me too!That's why in my most recent episode of "The Red Pill Investor Podcast!" ; I share with you, the Realtor® and Investing Agents three of the most devastatingly powerful ways to eliminate any competition in your path!Included in this podcast is an actual Seller call, specifi...
"We absolutely agree with you.. but..."How many times have you heard that?If I had a nickel for every time I had heard that one when facing a For Sale By Owner or Expired...Well... I wouldn't be Coaching, Writing, or Podcasting.... I would be on the beach somewhere resting in the laurels of nearl...
How to Live Live on Your Terms, Not By Your Fears…If there is one thing I know how to do… it’s generate deals.The problem that most people face is not building a massive business.It’s not getting the fancy cars, or the amazing trips.No. For most people, the problem is getting started.Active Plans...
Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues! Oh The Delicious Dichotomy!  The “Double Edged Sword” of Real Estate ScriptsOn the one hand, you want to have some idea of what to say to a motivated Seller, or a motivated Buyer… But on the other hand, you don’t want to sound “like your scripted.” What a delici...

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