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"Welcome my friends to the show that never ends, your welcome to attend, come inside come inside"Emerson Lake & PalmerYes the political season is in full swing and the Oscars are just around the corner and here are a couple nominees:FOR BEST ACTOR:Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Ser...
The interest rate in January 1988 was 10.38% at a cost of 2 points. songs of 1988Roll with It - Steve Winwood, One More Try - George Michael, Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison, Look Away - Chicago, Man In the Mirror - Michael Jackson, The Flame - Che...
Just over a decade ago, the mortgage industry began using a credit qualifying tool to help them evaluate a borrower's credit worthiness when applying for a home loan. This tool is called credit scoring.Credit scores are often referred to as FICO scores, after Fair Issac & Co., the primary develop...
If you call a bank, broker or access the Internet to obtain an interest rate quote and you are not asked a specific set of questions prior to obtaining the rate quote it is probably wrong and it may be the wrong program for you anyway. In order to obtain an accurate quote, lenders must know what ...
Your real estate agent is genuinely concerned for your happiness throughout the entire transaction. They rely on your recommendation to family and friends. History shows us that a customer involved in a dissatisfying  experience with a lending institution, is highly unlikely to recommend the prof...
Yes, I suppose you could wait for "the bottom" then buy too late. Now that the "talking heads" and the "pundits" (don't forget the blogs of course) glazed the entire public into their way of thinking that real estate "everywhere" is a bad investment the new thing or the new glaze now is "recessio...
While all the finger pointing goes on here comes Barney Frank (D) of MA waking up from a very long nap and decides reform is in order! Well, golllllllleeee! I can make headlines. I can look like I am actually doing something for the people. By the way, what was the last hot issue Barney worked on...

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