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Practical advice for making smart real estate related decisions.
If you don't know your numbers, you should NOT be selling real estate!What happens when inventory climbs and the number of closings remains static? When reading this it is important to bear in mind that closings in the month of January is a function of the contracts written in December and Novemb...
Keller Williams Realty Olympia rolled out Lead Generation 36:12:3 on Tuesday January 22, 2008. Today was Power Session One.I will attempt to drive the attendees of 36:12:3 here to share AHA's, new-found insights, and successes that they take away from class, and probably more importantly, what th...
EVERYTHING in your life is a function of the choices that you have made. Nothing more. Nothing less.You and no one else is accountable for the shape of your life AND YOUR BUSINESS.The most costly mistake made by EVERY real estate agent is this...YOU TELL YOURSELF THE WRONG STORIES.TELL YOURSELF T...
There are FOUR ways to earn more money in any real estate market. One works poorly, one almost never works, one IS work and most people never understand the last one.WORK Harder (works poorly)Create a Widget (almost never works)BE or become MORE (this is work)Get LEVERAGE (getting more from less)...
IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR NUMBERS, YOU SHOULDN'T BE SELLING HOMES!What are the important numbers that you need to know in order to speak intelligently about your market? What numbers should you know? What is the story that the numbers are telling you, your sellers and your buyers? What is happening ...
Brian Hickox introduced Gary Keller and Dave Jenks to an idea, a framework for understanding home selling in todays market. I don't think they needed it. I am certain that EVERY agent that I know DOES. Gary and Dave, introduced The Tale of Two Markets at Mega Camp 2007 in Austin. The accuracy, be...
I attended Keller Williams Realty Mega Camp training event back in May and while there I was exposed to the concept of The Tale of Two Markets. The Tale of Two Markets, actually it's a Tale of Three Markets, shows us and the consumer in an easy to understand handful of graphs that THEIR home is e...

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Practical advice for making smart real estate related decisions.