My husband and I are about to host a large party for some co-workers & friends and we have decided it will be 100% plant-based.  Here are a few of the ideas that we may have on our menu!Oil-Free Tortilla ChipsWhile it's not hard to find vegan chips, chips from the store are not healthy (obv) beca...
I love summer time - it's my favorite season!  I enjoy spending time out in the sun and all the delicious summer recipes!Now that I'm plant-based, this will be the first summer without grilling meat, so I've got to come up with some more ideas for our summer time meals.Summer Plant Based RecipesI...
One of the BEST parts of eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet or WFPB for short is getting to eat dessert and STILL lose weight.  I've spent decades on any number of diets - keto, counting calories, weight watchers - and dessert was always off limits.  Since finding this diet, I've been able to l...
When deciding to follow the Nutritarian Lifestyle for the longhaul, I knew I was going to have to cook more and find recipes I and my family really liked.  So began the experimenting.  I use many of Dr. Fuhrman's recipes to start off with or as inspirationa and made adjustments as I went to suit ...
I have spent the past 12 days as a Nutritarian and I have to say I already feel soooo much better than I did AND I've lost 7 pounds to boot.  That's a lot considering I've been dieting the pas 6 months and haven't been able to lose more than 5 in that entire time and kept gaining it back over and...
What is a nutritarian you may ask? A nutritarian diet is a plant-based diet, however it does not have to be completely vegan. That's the beauty of this. 90% of calories should come from plants - vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains. 10% of calories can still come from meat, dairy,...
#5 - You are making them anyways.Whether you choose to believe it or not, you make New Year's Resolutions or GOALS, every year.  Your goals may be LAME like to just get by or pay the bills or don't be fatter.  But you are making goals for yourself.  So if you know you are already making them, MAK...

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