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Getting out of a rut and starting over.
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Ok so after serveral years of being in the business I think that after time we all seem to get in a rut so to spreak. Well there are two things you can so, stay in and then eventaully get out of the business or pull yourself out of it. Here is the key, get out of it, snap out of it as fast as you can, or watch everything that you have worked so hard for and created drive right past you. I have been here inTexas as a Realtor for over 9 years now, wow and I feel like a brand new agent sometimes. Here is my thing, is you still have the passion and desire to do something, then pull everything you have in it. And be happy. If you don't, you will not be succesful at what you are doing, as you are just going through the motions. So where to start, in the begining I guess. Let me take sometime today to relfect back on the begining days as a Realtor and see what did I do that made me so successful then?