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WOW! That is all I have to say about what I saw on the Today show this morning. I was awestruck by a comment made by Jim Cramer regarding the housing market. In case you missed it you need to go and check it out. Here is the website where you can access the video http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30326...
I have recently been asked by several agents about short sales and the process they need to go through to close the deal. Although I push start each one of them on the same road, that road has many exits and turnpikes, so in the end they will hopefully get to the same location (a closed deal). Ho...
Here is a short list of items that all lenders will need to process a short sale. A letter of authorization from the homeowner authorizing the parties involved to speak directly with the lender. A hardship letter stating the reason for the inability to make payments, ie loss of job, death of an o...
What a question to ask. Of course they are, right? You may want to consider the following questions before making the final decision. Does the seller owe more on their home than the current market will bring? Is there a pre-payment penalty on one or both of the payoffs that will add a substantial...
What is a Short Sale? When a bank or investor accepts less money than what is owed to them as payment in full. Be aware that the I.R.S considers debt forgiveness in general as income. Therefore, the difference between what is owed and what is paid, the deficiency, can be reported as income to the...

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