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As a web designer for Real Estate Agents, on common question I'm asked when setting up a blog, is should the blog be placed in a sub directory of a domain... i.e. or should my blog have its own domain like The answer depends on your particular web a...
One of the first steps in SEO is to design your website to target a particular audience, in this case those who are interested in buying or selling real estate in your region. Search Engine Optimization employs three basic concepts, those being text, links and increasing the popularity of your we...
One of the main purposes of optimizing your website is to improve its position in the search engine rankings and thus on the search results page. While I encourage you to employ the various techniques to achieve this, it's important not to over emphasize your website's position. It won't help you...
One of the most effective way to keep people on your website, and gaining a trust in you is to make your site user focused. The best way to make your website user focused is to find out what your potential clients really want to know. You might think that as a professional, you already know this ...
There was a great comment by Patricia Aulson on a previous post of mine about how her site works for her in generating leads. It lead me to want to write about my experience as a web designer, working with realtor clients.My background is graphic artist. I'm very interested in sites that have hug...
Imaginations Everything, in collaboration with Stephen Lau of Salient Marketing present a new book called Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Professionals.We will be offering this book as an ebook in 2008, for now we are posting it over the next few months on the Imaginations Everything b...
A well designed, professional and informative website is your front line in marketing. Your website is a vital connection between your business and future customers. Even if you're not selling goods online, a website can attract business from far away, promote your company, and save you time and ...


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