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Ok, think fast, which came first, the chicken or the egg? I’m not sure either, but I know it is an age old question that will be debated well after we are all long gone. Another question that has been debated almost as long in Rockville and around the country is should I buy or rent? As with the ...
Okay, I hear you. Grolig says the market’s improving, now’s the time to sell, and now’s the time to buy, blah, blah, blah. Over the past year I have discussed the improvements in the local real estate market. Well, if you didn’t believe me, now we’re receiving validation and proof from the nation...
Happy 2013, one and all, in and around Montgomery County! I am sure, if you’re like me, you are still trying to shake off all the holiday activities and get back into the swing of working. It would be interesting to know how many times everyone has written the wrong year. But, all kidding aside, ...
With everything that has happened this year, and especially in the last week, I would like to send our heartfelt sympathy to those who have lost so much. Times have been hard for many of us in this area, but we have also experienced the blessings of having someone to lean on or to offer a helping...
Happy holidays everyone in Montgomery County! How are you coming along with your holiday shopping? I haven’t even started my shopping yet, but the fact that I’m even thinking about it more than a week before Christmas is pretty amazing. I’ll report back next week on my progress. For this week tho...
  Have you driven by Sam Eig Highway and Fields Road, across from the Rio/Washingtonian Center lately?  If so, you will notice that construction has kicked into full gear at Crown Farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Ultimately Crown will feature 2,250 homes — including single family, townhomes, apart...

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