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Every Realtor knows the story- we run thru a transaction, we r informed that it will close next week, and then we get the call or email indicating NO it's not! It is very frustrating to say the least, but not more frustrating that it is to the Client. After all, they have spent money on inspectio...
The theory behind Short Sales seems simple enough: If a homeowner owes more money on a home then the thome can sell for, and the homeowner is struggling to pay the mortgage, the lender will allow the home to be sold for less then owed.  For obvious reasons, Lenders are not big fans of this and of...
Recently it has been brought to my attention a few times about my quick response to inquiries and business in general. I am not blowing my own horn here, as they say, but response is key not only in the real esate biz, but any consumer business. With our instant gratification society, it is even ...
There’s nothing worse than finding a great home only to discover that it’s a money pit waiting to happen. Let’s face it, sellers won’t always disclose everything that’s wrong. No house is ever as “perfect” as it may appear, and with an inspection and due diligence on the part of you and your agen...
Those about to start house hunting should check their credit score before things get too serious. There is nothing quite as frightening in the mortgage process as learning that your credit report contains a late payment or other blemishes that can prevent you from buying a property. The higher yo...
In the current real estate mkt the phrase short sale is certainly a predominate one! When u r a Buyer’s Agent you cant help but run into them. My philosophy on them is that they r here to stay for a while so accept the challenges that come with them and look at it as another opportunity in the En...
A known Realtor in his/her area often has this question poised to them. I always reply BUSY- why? because it is all from point of view. For instance, if you are involved with several transactions, you are busy. If you are not then You are busy looking for new leads, new ways of marketing possibly...
The rental mkt being what it is in this current time, is certainly an active part of the business. Last yr, it was active,also, and I believe I ended up doing 7-8 transactions, which add up over qty. Yes, the payoff in the end, with today’s gas prices, might pay for a couple of tank fulls! You kn...
Last week I was lucky enough to attend the “Get Motivated” training in Hartford,CT. I have to admit that the thought of expending a full day in a seat was not the most appealing to me as it probably would be to many other individuals, but I am GLAD I did! As I listened to the Speakers, there seem...
With the Profession of a Realtor comes responsibilities of figuring out the ROI of marketing a home for your Client. Newspaper advertising vs online marketing is always a consideration and concern with Sellers. Newspapers were the way to go yrs ago but today’s best investment of time and energy i...

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Author Bio: Kevin Green is a Full Time Realtor approaching his beginning of his 13th yr in the business and is a Co owner of a Horse Boarding & Riding Facility in Meriden,CT- Rosehaven Stables, LLC.

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