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Fred and Kevin would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a safe and happy holiday season!
On Monday we promised a week full of great stories. Lots of you have stated that you learn the most from us when we give real life examples of our short sale deals. We do our best to give you real life examples because we are in the trenches negotiating short sales. We had a file with OneWest ban...
As promised yesterday, we are going to fill the week with great content stories. Let's start with a Wells Fargo Story. We have a loan that is serviced by Wells Fargo. Freddie Mac is the investor. As is often the case, the property was overvalued. We submitted some comps to the bank and asked the ...
We'd like to talk about the energy level around this business as we get closer to 2011. We have worked hard to do lots of restructuring in our business. We wanted to make sure that everybody has a focus and energy in their business to start 2011. We don't just mean in January. If we are being hon...
We've got a great short sale story for you today. One specific bank, which used to operate as Amtrust, is now called My New York Community Bank. The stopped making money and bankruptcy or reorganization or something brought them to a halt. However, the mindset of losing money still prevails at A...
We are a few weeks from the end of the year and there are lots of things going on with homeowners across the country. We have seen a shift in homeowners minds as it pertains to short sales, loan mods, and foreclosur. It is a bit more challenging this time of year. Many homeowners just want to get...
Let's talk about short sales with Citi Mortgage today. We talk lots about the big three, Chase, Wells Fargo, and BofA. However, Citi Mortage is up there as far as number of loans that they service. We were part of a group last month that got to speak with some top executives at Citi Mortgage and ...
It appears that Rebecca Mairone has decided to not replace Matt Vernon and has opted split his role into different parts. Below is a list of how Matt Vernon's repsonsibilite will be devided up Rebecca Mairone today announced changes to her leadership designed to better position the organization t...
We've brought the Santa hat back again today to remind you that our short sale training items or going to be on sale Thursday and Friday. I'd also like to talk about what's going on in the news. There are some interesting things that we should be aware of. Like Kevin spoke about yesterday, there ...
With the holiday's fast approaching, we're is feeling a bit festive.We'll tell you why at the end of this episode. With today being mindset Monday, we thought it would be good to speak about change. Change is inevitable, and how you handle that change can determine how successful you are after th...

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