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Getting back to our SHort Sale Power Hour themes, we've got Coach here again today to enlighten us with an unforgettable short sale story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. :) Coach had a short sale with a local credit union. They called him to notify him that they couldn't acc...
If you haven't had the amazing opportunity to join Active Rain at a Rain Camp event do not miss out.  This two day class is going to be more than worth your time. That's right, RainCamp is heading to Dallas next, and we're making our stop May 24th-25th! If you haven't heard already, RainCamp is n...
Continuing our week long rememberance of Brian Klemmer, here's a video sharing just a couple of things that my education from Brian Klemmer has given me. For a higher quality of life and a boost to your business go check out
Klemmer & Associates founder & CEO Brian Klemmer passed away last week as the result of a torn carotid artery. Like Brian, this condition is extremely rare – one in a million. Mr. Klemmer was at the office in Petaluma, CA when he initially suffered the results of this medical condition. When Bria...
Today we are joined by Jeff Rubenstein. He crushes short sales in northern Colorado. Since Fred is no where to be found, Jeff is filling in with a nice little tip. When you receive an approval to participate in an FHA short sale, it means that your short sale has been approved before you even get...
If you have an interest in improving your short sale business in 2011 and beyond, consider learning from Group 46:10. Hand picked to teach Short Sale Mastery on behalf of Keller Williams, Kevin and Fred at Group 46:10 provide some of the most comprehensive and informative short sale training ava...
We're joined by Josh Pomerleau and Sarah Willman, premier short sale specialists from Minnesota. We'd like to get back to the business side of things today. So many of us get bogged down by short sale negotiations that we forget that we are running a real estate business. Sarah and Josh have just...
Jesse Moore from the Seattle area joins SSPH today. Being from the hi-tech Seattle area, home of Microsoft, Nintendo, and other technology giants, some of the older lead generation techniques don't work as well. If you access Twitter looking for short sale leads, you aren't going to find them. Pe...
Today we're covering some really good topics. We're going to talk about How to defeat the Mortgage Insurance giant promissory notes and cash contributions going straight to the investor contacts at the top three major services all 9 of our escalation techniques. The good news is that we are shari...
Monday we spoke about have a good turn around time with in contacting your leads. Going one step further, we feel that the amount of information that you give your potential clients is incredibly important. When we speak with homeowners, they sense that we know what we are talking about. So, aft...

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