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Good morning! We would like to talk about an issue that we have been running into with Freddie Mac. Last week on two different files, both with Wells Fargo as the servicer. Both files had a BPO agent that was apparently incompetent. We could infer that the agent might have been intoxicated based ...
Our special guest today doesn't even need an introduction, but we'll give him one anyway. This is Rick Geha, inspirational speaker, mindset motivator and realtor. He is starting his own video blog November 1st at So, make plans to check him out. Let's get into the topic of the day...
This is Short sale Power Hour and today is Freaky Friday. Today's topic is one that some agents may be seeing, but have no idea why it's happening. We talk lots on this show about BPO's. We have discussed how the BPO process works. We have discussed how to dispute a BPO. We have talked about how...
Welcome to We're going to talk about title fees today. Lately we have been negotiating lots of short sales where negotiators are nitpicking at the title fees. These bank employees are claiming that managers or investors or guidelines say that they can only pay a certain am...
Sign up - Warning: This class is not for the politically correct, faint hearted, rule followers of the world.*** Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver, owners of Group 46:10 - Arizona's Premier Short Sale Team are coming to IrvineĀ for this outrageous, unconventional...
Yesterday we discussed the foreclosure moratorium and how, in our opinion, it has almost no impact on our business. Let's continue with that conversation. There has been more information from BofA and GMAC in the last 48 hours. As early as next week, these banks are going to resume foreclosures. ...
Welcome back to We are Arizona's premier short sale realtors. We would like to talk about the vastly overblown foreclosure moratorium. There are some people out there that believe this moratorium on foreclosures will have an impact on the short sale business. We don't nece...
Good morning and welcome to Short Sale Power Hour. We are glad to be back in Arizona after hanging out on the east coast for a few days. It was fairly warm the last few days in Baltimore as we walked around the harbor. While we are talking about it, you deserve to show up on November 2nd or 3rd i...
We thought we would offer you a little update on Equator. It has been about one year since REOTrans, now known as Equator, was implemented into the short sale process by Bank Of America. As our viewers know, we were a part of a discussion with Gary Haygood at Bank of America. He talked about Equa...

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