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Are you looking for homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio. First you should know that Cincinnati is is mostly in Hamilton county. Many people that work in Cincinnati also may live in Clermont County, Butler County and Warren County. Click on these county sites to research sold homes. To find homes fo...
After my Kodak Vi570 broke a couple months ago I learned that I need a real photographer quick. I use this photographer now on a regular basis. But now in the case where I have a low end house way out in East Bofoo, I am not going to pay $85 to get photos. Since Kodak does not have a good wide an...
Carbon Monoxide detector - more dangerous than fire because you can't see it or smell it! Fire Estinguisher   - Not a big expense. Additional Smoke Alarms!!  -   one is not enough, why not have a backup! Flashlights - Do you know where to find one in your house?   Need more help, find me at www....
What do you tell your sellers or  buyers about aluminum wiring if you find it in a home you are selling ? It seem that there are 3 solutiuons to the discovery of aluminum wiring in a home.   Get the wiring replaced ( cost LOTSA $$$) Get the wiring pigtailed (Still cost Mucha $$$) Have a certified...
In today's world of residential sales you may find yourself waiting and waiting to get an answer on an offer from a seller and then approval from the bank. As a buyers agent, I submit the offer and hope to get an answer within a couple days or a week. The seller may be all in favor of the offer b...
That was a first! We have heard that we lived near a fault line.  Many years ago many people bought earthquake insurance. There was someone who predicted a quake but nothing happened in the predicted time frame. About 5:30am the bed started shaking. My wife and I both sat up and then we could hea...
Do You know where your Real Estate agent is?   
I love email and the net but my email box is jammed full of property flyer's, price reductions, and open house flyers. I do not want to black list these agents but please, someone find me the no flyer spam box!!Let me know if you have any suggestions! We have 5760 agents in our board at the momen...
This is not a typical day in Cincinnati. However, today we may be having the largest snow of the 2008 winter. The forecast calls for 3-5 inches of snow today and 3-5 inches of snow tonight. Prior to this storm, we have had storms that brought less than 4 inches. Most of our snow does not last for...
Anderson Ohio residential sales. Look at the stability here. I would be surprised to see other communities beat this consistent average sale price increase.  Year  # of Sales  Average Price         2,000           598 $        225,609                    2,001            664  $        218,585     ...

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