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Rates are still holding strong in the 5% range. Rates change on a day to day basis. Call today and compare the savings of dealing with a direct lender. Home prices are reaching possibly their low's. Do not miss out. One simple call could save you thousands Kevin Kirk Direct lender 916-367-7128 Co...
While some mortgage programs require a period of time in your bank account, FHA does not as long as the down payment is a gift. Not only can your down payment be a gift but it does not have to spend 90 days in your account in order for the bank to take it.    There are many mortgage loan products...
While many programs allow for little money down FHA is bye far one of the best programs especially for first time home buyers. The program only requires  3.5% of the loan. This combined with the ability to get a seller to pay closing cost, and the option to purchase is hard to pass up.   As a dir...
Hello. My name is Kevin Kirk. If you are in the market for an FHA loan may I suggest using a direct lender.  In todays real estate world having control of a deal from start to finish is crucial. On top of that the lack of added broker points could save you thousands.    For more information on FH...
It is not just about credit when it comes to getting the best rate rate. Things like your debt to income will also have affect.  Keeping a debt to income ration in the 30-40 percent is ideal. This shows financial stability.  To talk about a few simple things that can be done to increase your cred...
FHA direct lender for the state of California looking to network with Ca. realtors. My main focus is FHA lending with a special desire to work with first time homebuyers. Kevin Kirk Comstock Mortgage 916-367-7128 Principals and realtors only at this time.
When getting a mortgage loan one of the first things a bank wants to know is can this person afford this home. Getting a solid debt to income ratio is going to be key to getting that loan approved and funded. While there are some rules that allow for higher debt to income like excellent credit an...
When going through the loan process you should avoid opening any new credit cards. Doing this could affect your credit score and add a red flag to your loan. The same goes for closing them.  Maintaining a low balance on them is the best way to generate positive credit history.  It is the little t...
Saving money is something that is always welcomed. When dealing with a direct lender you eliminate the added broker points. These extra points can add thousands to your loan.  If you are in the market for an FHA loan or would like to see what the difference would be on your estimate without the a...
If you are in the market for an FHA mortgage dealing direct could save you thousands.  As a California FHA direct lender we will follow  your loan process from start to end.  STOP PAYING ADDED BROKER POINTS.    First time home buyers welcomed. If you are a realtor looking for an FHA lender for yo...

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