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Well everything was packed up, cleaned up, items donated and what we are bringing was packed into the container that arrived! We have a 40 foot sea container that will be shipped to the Virgin Islands with our personal effects and furniture we wanted to bring! It will take about 6 weeks to arrive...
I don't know how people can retire, I am getting very antsy? I am down now to 14 listings of which all are now pending, so there is not much time needed for those properties. Both of my agents have moved on to other companies. We finished our last garage sale over a week ago, and funny how no one...
Well the results are in for a 3 car garage filled garage sale from the weekend! Well we hit our financial goal of recovering $1000 of beloved junk! Unfortunately, our big items, Honda CRV, tractor and RV didn't sell. We will keep trying with another sale this weekend!  
I arrived back to Reno, NV on Feb. 7th, 2012, to the cold weather. My wife Shannon and I had a wonderful time and with the news of limited foreclosure activity in Nevada, this would make a perfect "getaway" time?  After losing 3 of our labradors this Summer and with the slowdown in new REO invent...
Cyclone fencing, fenced the back of our property for the recycled labrador retreivers! This should make it easier on the dogs for moving to St Thomas, VI The one on the left is Bristol, the right is Bo Peep (Pig)Here is what is going to be their new digs!
I am guessing in three to four months I will be out of business in Nevada since that is our main source of listings?   Foreclosure starts drop across the West Coast by KERRI PANCHUK   Friday, January 13th, 2012, 7:59 am   Foreclosure starts across the West Coast plummeted in December as Californi...
Well Toyota 4Runner come, and no, there were no issues with the vehicle. All was the same as I had left it in Reno, NV, except greasy and this random glove on the passenger floor? Viking delivered it to me at the Airport where I have for the last time have given up my Hertz rental car. Wendy was ...
Well here we are 2 weeks into the new year of 2012! For 2011 I sold 265 homes for $31,000,000 in gross dollar amt for an average sale price of $116,000. #6 NNRMLS Compared to 2010: Sold 256 homes for $34,000,000 and an average of $132,000. #1 NNRMLS As you can see, more work for less money! But t...
Ok, so the dog that I found at my recent REO listing (read story in previous blog) was never claimed at Washoe County Regional Animal Services.  They have to make sure the owner has time to claim her.....why though I ask as there is no reason since she didn't have any food or water when I found h...
This dog might need a home, please contact me if you can adopt her!Ok, so last Friday I get a new REO listing.  I asked my wife if should would come with me, and in exchange I will buy her lunch.  So after a nice lunch, we are off to investigate the occupancy status of my new REO.  It amazes me o...

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