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I'm asked this question five or six times a day. "How's the real estate market in The Woodlands, Texas?" Here's what I think and know. Buyer activity has slowed to tortotise pace.  Suppressed activity is due primarily to phycological and seasonal factors.  It appears that the people are not fear...
  Realtors + Action + The Butterfly Effect + Serendipity + Cascade Effect + 100th Monkey Effect + Tipping Point = Richeous Possibilities by KEN BRAND on OCTOBER 24, 2008 Life, vibe, energy, momentum, surprise and delight or decay, atrophy and irrelevance?  As a career minded real estate agent, yo...
A New Week - A Simple Five Step Focus Plan For A Victim Free Future by KEN BRAND  on OCTOBER 20, 2008 It’s a choppy sea of opportunities.  What you did last month, last quarter and last year won’t work this week.   Everything is different, your activities and actions should be as well.   Here’s ...
Dear Conflicted Real Estate Agent - Please Submit and Quit…or… by KEN BRAND  on OCTOBER 16, 2008 Dear Conflicted Real Estate Agent, All this cataclysm scares the bejesus out of everyone.   Pre Hurricane Ike and the Financial Market Dow Meltdown/Bail Out/Tsunami, The Woodlands real estate market ...
This is NO TIME FOR HAPPY TALK - But Talk You Must - 3 TIPS by KEN BRAND on OCTOBER 11, 2008 I know.  People are paralyzed. It jangles frayed nerve endings. Mine too.  The question?  How will you and I respond? As a real estate agent icons we have two choices. Choice #1:  Freeze Up, like a Pilla...
Real Estate Market Report Run Down For The Woodlands, Texas by KEN BRAND  on OCTOBER 5, 2008 September’s real estate market sucked lemons.  Hurricane Ike plus the Wall Street meltdown tranquilized the market.  I see evidence that the hangover effects are ebbing, activity and action shouldl impro...
Silence is Not Golden - Conversation, Connection and Relationship Building Is the White Light At The End Of Your Real Estate Success Tunnel - Go To IT! by KEN BRAND  on OCTOBER 1, 2008 My FRIENDS, it’s UnWise to remain silent, in the dark and invisible. You’ve heard people twittering about it. Y...
Ferris Wheels Of Time and Attention by KEN BRAND  on OCTOBER 1, 2008 Post Ike, we’ve been busy pulling levers, cleaning up, pushing strings, repairing, herding cats, barreling monkeys, imagineering, emotioneering and futurescaping.  Personally, I’m panting and optimistic.  There is always opport...
Yeah, I know prices have fallen a bit. I still wince when I fill up the tank though. If I can save a few bucks, amen to that. Want to know where the least expensive gas is before you hit the road. Search Gas Prices by Zip Code - Click HERE and Go, Go, Go!
  NEW CHESMAR HOMES AVAILABLE IN THE EXPANSION OF STERLING RIDGE – Chesmar Homes has begun selling new single-family homes in the neighborhood of Quillwood in The Woodlands’ 400-acre expansion of the Village of Sterling Ridge. Chesmar is offering six one- and two-story homes in sizes ranging from...

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