The first thing we do when a new IRS Tax representation client in Houston, TX or Lufkin, TX retains our services is call the IRS for a tax transcript.  Why is that?  Because we need to know how much the client owes, when the tax liablity was assessed and what returns have been filed and/or are mi...
In my practice serving tax clients in Houston, TX and Lufkin, TX  representing them before the Internal Revenue Service we often tell our clients about the 10 year collection statute and how it affects our strategy.  So what is the 10 year collection statute?  Once the IRS has assessed you with a...
When we represent our Houston, TX clients before the Internal Revenue Service one of the primary concerns of the IRS is that the taxpayer is currently in Tax Compliance.  We briefly mentioned Tax Compliance in a previous blog post, but we wanted to expound on this topic because it is a critical e...
You got an IRS letter.  Your heart starts pounding in your chest.  Your mouth gets dry, and you lose your ability to swallow. Clients that come into my practice in Lufkin, Texas feel exactly the same way when those letters arrive in their mailbox.  So when they get to my office we're able to alle...
Oftentimes in my practice in Lufkin, TX we meet with potential clients who have opted to employ the "ostrich strategy" to resolve their tax debts.  They ignore the IRS letters and levy notices until something happens to yank their head out of the sand - like the IRS draining their bank account.  ...
In my practice we frequently help taxpayers in Lufkin or cities around East Texas who have gotten behind on their federal income tax liability and are in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) .  If you find yourself in that same situation it's helpful to understand how the IRS collect...

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