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The New York Times recently published an article about the rise in the offering of lifestyle searches as they relate to real estate.  If you're wondering what a "lifestyle search" is, you aren't alone.  It's hardly the mainstream way in which people today search for their next home.  Still, it's ...
The following excerpt comes via's Alyssa Katz, an award-winning author and regular contributor.  Interesting read, even if an ominous one. -- KB Heartened by the recent rise in home prices? Don't get too comfortable. Standard & Poor's, the credit-rating agency that tells investor...
Nobody likes a long commute -- especially not the otherwise coddled employees of Google, No.4 on Fortune's 2010 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. Despite the generous perks enjoyed by the Mountain View, Calif., company's workers, such as free lunch and dinner, on-site medical clinics and su...
by Kendra Barnett, AOL Real Estate contributor The Differences are Subtle, Yet Impactful With many Americans facing the very real threat of foreclosure, many are looking for ways to avoid it.  One option, and a topic that has garnered a lot of industry interest as of late, is a real estate short ...
By Griff Garwood, AOL Real Estate contributor Whether you're in the market for a new home or considering selling your existing home, chances are you've heard of a short sale. Short sales are becoming increasingly common in parts of the country where home values have dropped substantially. Short s...
AOL/Zogby 2008 Housing Survey Press Release AOL Real Estate / Zogby Survey Finds More than Half of Americans Still Believe the Dream to Own a Home is AttainableSurvey Probes American Views on the Constantly Evolving Real Estate Market Dulles, Va., April 22, 2008 - According to a survey from AOL R...

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