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We are Realtors in Northeast Tennessee. We live in Johnson City and help our clients buy and sell houses in Washington, Carter, Unicoi, Greene and Sullivan counties (among others). Tennessee, real estate, real estate agent, Realtor, blogs, blogging, customer service, home buyer, home seller, invesor, listing, first-time homebuyer, relocation, relocating.



I recently had a seller call me and ask me about the Residential Property Condition Disclosure form that sellers are required by Tennessee law to provide to buyers. Her question concerned exactly when the seller is supposed to provide this form to the buyer. I told her how I handle this form when...
I am not, by any means, a food snob or critic. I have not devoted my life to the finer food-ities in life. After all, I have kids with picky palates and I have a limited dining out budget. But I do like to eat (most of us do) and I also appreciate good-tasting food (and awesome-tasting food). So ...
If you, or your spouse or significant other, are in your last year of medical school, have interviewed at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in Johnson City, and hope to match here I wish you the best of luck. If you do end up matching here (or have pre-matched) and have decided to buy a hous...

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