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Put your car keys beside your bed at night.   In these times, I needed to be frugal, so one of the first expenses to go was my house alarm, then my HOA sent an e-mail out about how to make your own!Tell your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your parents, your Dr's office, the check-out girl...
Did you know there are certain area's of Charlotte that are more prone to Radon?  I bet you would be surprised if I told you that two Condo complexs just spent close to a million to fix there Radon problem! YOU need to always get a home inspection with Radon testing!  You need to consult good RE...
Staging your home is so important in this market.  Although Sharon in New Hampshire is far away, we have stagers we work with, so if you need some help, give us a call!     .Seven Home Staging Steps That Will Sell Your New Hampshire Home Home staging is preparing a house for sale.  It is not deco...
I saw this interesting video blog. Are you in a Charlotte Short Sale situation? If you "Bank" at the same place your Mortgage is at, it would be well advised to get your money out of there and into a different bank. (may I suggest a local bank, to help out your local community!) It appears some b...
Jonathan posted on his blog a fun little thing happening in Charlotte soon.  Know someone?       . MY FIRST SALE, the popular primetime HGTV show, is looking for first-time home sellers (and their real estate agents!) in the Charlotte NC area. We are looking for fun, high-energy people who are ju...
This may have happened in VA, but it could easily happen in Charlotte North Carolina New Homes!  Get an inspection and get a good REALTOR, even when purchasing a new home!!DATELINE:  Northern Virginia – the purchaser of a new home was frantic to find a home inspector to try to evaluate why a floo...
My fellow Realtor, Bill Gassett in MA, wrote an excellent post on the short sale process.  If you are looking for Charlotte NC Short Sales take a look at our list of Foreclosed homes in Charlotte.  Of course if you sign up and ask we can push short sales to you. Thanks for stopping by!           ...
Do you remember that commerial?  I do.  To be honest I would not do too much for a Klondike bar, but one of those Chocolate chip Ice Cream sandwiches, I would do almost anything.               But this is not about that.  This is a contest put out by our very own Jason Crouch & Jeremy Blanton ove...
This lady Lenn knows her stuff.  We as Real Estate agents, are advised not to answer questions about Taxes, Crime, Schools and Sexual predators.  We should only point out where you can get that information.  Time to add this to my resources list!IS THAT ORIGINATION POINT ON YOUR HUD-1 DEDUCTIBLE?...
These rules are so true and need to be read by HOa heads across the country.  I used to be on the HOA in my community.This is an open letter to all the folks who sit on HOA Boards or live in a community that has an HOA. This is written by a person who is on the front lines to sell your homes as q...

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