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In Michigan, if you receive Medicaid benefits for your child, you owe $30 a month dues to SEIU. Why? In 2006 parents of children receiving this aid were classified caregivers and as such, by default, public employees making them automatically members of the union and requiring them to pay union d...
In Washington D.C. a project to redevelop the City Center, which is a 100% privately funded project, will, if the unilateral decisions stands, be required to conform with the Davis-Bacon Act, which, requires "prevailing wages" to be paid. Unfortunately, prevailing wage has been effectively define...
My wife and I have really enjoyed a new show this summer, Expedition Impossible. It started with 13 teams of 3 going on an expedition across Morocco, from the deserts to the snow covered mountains. The teams had to race through each stage of the expedition, walking, climbing, riding camels, ridin...
We have pulled all the rabbits out of the hat, and there are no more rabbits. . . . We are a confused, bewildered group of people, and we are not delivering the goods.” Congressman Maury Maverick, D-Texas. If you look into today's congress, you won't find Maury. He was an ardent FDR supporter and...
Again, won't take too many words, just a couple of pictures: Reasons number 1 & 2: my 1 year old grand twins Calleigh & Jackson Reason #3, my soon to be 6 grandson Daniel   OK, I admint, I used the same pictures as in my post why I am not a liberal. Because of and for them, I will fight against b...
While this will have few words it only takes two pictures to provide my top three reasons for not being a liberal. The first reason is my oldest grandchild, Daniel. Reasons 2 & 3, my latest grandchildren, Calleigh & Jackson. Because of and for them, I cannot accept and will fight against policies...
Before recessing, and after passing the Debt Ceiling bill, the House of Representatives passed a bill providing for another short term extension of the FAA Taxes and Trust Fund. Reid did not allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote and now there are 4000 FAA employees on furlough until afte...
The following charts show the month to month residential real estate sales volume of the Greater Athens Ga metropolitan area for the months of May 2010 through June 2011. Sales volume of residential real estate was up again in June over May marking the fifth consecutive month of rising volume. Na...
Now this is a cool new tool. Would be great for on or adjacent to desks and countertops. Does not look like it has UL approval yet, at least there is no indication on the web page, so, if a fire occurred from the outlet there could be insurance ramifications. I will be emailing the company about ...
I totally disagree with Tony on this. Increasing taxes will affect the housing market more than cutting government spending. Lower taxes means more discretionary money available. The government has increased spending by about 40% in less than 3 years. Cutting it back by the small percentage that ...

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