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I have started to hear the buzz that the growth we have had can't sustain itself and the market is going to crash!  I recently had a conversation with a guy selling his acreage because he felt Kyoto was going kill our economy.  I didn't want to get into it with him and nothing was negotiable so I...
Many investors have asked me how to get a good realtor.  The best answer that I can give is your own trial and error is the best and it is a journey.  I went through a bunch before I found 2 that I like and serve me and my investment style well.  I started my career as many investors do doing fli...
I find that the great equalizer of whether someone has success or not in real estate is how hard they work at it and how much of an action taker they are.  I had one guy ask me for a coffee and so I went.  We talked about him where he was, had been and where he wanted to go.  We built rapport.  W...
Buy a book and read it!  You should be continually expanding your knowledge base.  The book you don’t read won’t help your business.  How many books do you think you need to read before you are considered an expert in that area?  Fewer than you realize.  Try getting a ‘books to read list’ on the ...
Take time to think each day.  Are you leveraging time properly in your business?    “Imagination is more important than knowledge”                                                -Albert Einstein “Most people are willing to pay more to be amused than educated”                                      ...
This was originally a comment to Karen Hurst's Blog about a tragic circumstanse Of a woman and her mother with some additions. I think a big part of these stories is the lack of education, financial education for people out there.  There are so many people who wouldn't own long-term disability in...
This blog was originally a comment but I got so long winded about it take I thought I should blog it.I am a real estate investor and have used realtors quite a lot in resent years to find properties.  They save me time in locating and buying.  The ones I currently use are hard working, ambitious,...
I'd like to converse with Realtors who work with investors in Canada for the purpose of buying.  I'd like to talk with Realtors from anywhere else just to share industry knowledge and expertise.  If anyone else out there knows of any online clubs for investors please let me know.  If you are in C...
I am curious to find out if any of you out there make any money from your websites via advertising.  I am really looking to understand all the hype about internet money.  My website has always been to support my business not make money off the net.  Other websites are always trying to solicit us ...
I am new to this type of forum and am interested in getting connected we skilled individuals to learn from and hope to also contribute my knowledge to the improvement of others.  That being said I am right now looking to gain some insights from the menbers here into successful marketing plans and...

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