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As  I delve into the vast knowledge and wisdom of other people I am always left with a feeling of awe.  My thiought is that that was a person that just gets it or if their dead got It is a puzzle waiting to be solved and I love picking up new peices. The desire of glory is the last infir...
We are dedicated to helping good tenants get into good property. is our own listings website that allows for online applications, and  viewing of property.  If anyone knows where there are any websites that are dedicated to helping tenants find rentals please let us know as ...
Libertas Property Management Inc.  has been for the last year now been quietly taking on landlords to mange property for in Edmonton and area.  We've got the sign up on the office and happy landlords are giving referrals.  Our official launch will be in stages with a series of open houses and oth...
The other evening my business partner and I went to a function at the college we graduated from in Camrose.  It has been swallowed by the U of A which looks to be a good thing.  Lots is happening growth wise at the school which is now a rural campus of the U of A making it quite unique.  They are...
Although I have been involved with this site for a couple of years now I am only now, sort of getting a feel for what will elicit a response here.  Blogging is a skill to be learned and I am a student, thanks in part to this site.   As this is a community dominated by Realtors, you need to make c...
I am not sure the structure of value this site gives to various blogs and bloggers in the form of featured but you can search for stuff and find all sorts of information.  I myself value this site for all the amazing individuals that are on here and have intelligent things to say.  You can read f...
I am beginning to venture forth into/onto a new frontier in my business.  We are putting on a seminar that will highlight how as a 'Bird dog' for our business someone can make extra income.  It is a step I must say out of my personal comfort zone as I am not a public speaker.  I do feel comfortab...
One of our most unique marketing ideas came in fortune cookies.  We had marketing messages made up and put into fortune cookies and then gave them out as a snack.  They were an instant success from the point of getting noticed but it took some time to actually attract clientèle.  The long term th...
I went to a marketing seminar put on by a fellow activerain member in the morning today.  It was great to actually meet someone from this site, outside of this site, for the first time.  I'm not sure if I should or could give anything away; Walter & David had good content and presentation.  I wil...
One quote that comes to my mind whenever someone older, like my mom, complains about where society and kids are going(in her option downhill) is a quote that you'd agree with if you felt the same way.  It goes something like this:"Our youth love luxury; they have bad manners;contempt for authorit...

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