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Do you have a Plan for the next 3 years?  3 months?  Week? I review my plans regularly? Are you confident that you are ahead of your competition?  Whats your competitve advantage? I know what my customers are looking for and want? Do you use technology for your benefit? Have you done a SWOT Anal...
The Benefit of Integrity: TRUST The bottom line of integrity is that it allows others to trust you.  Without trust you have no influence. -->Model consistency of Character -->Employ honest communication -->Value transparency -->Demonstrate your support of others -->Exemplify humility -->Fulfil yo...
Integrity is not to be confused with reputation.  Reputation is the shadow, character is the substance.  The circumstances amid which you live determine your reputation.  The truth you believe determines your character.  Reputation is what you are supposed to be...character is what you are.  Repu...
Integrity gets eaten away by any little thing not taken care of.  If the small things aren't done well, no one will ever give you big things to do. -Being on time          -not missing meetings       -being on top of your schedule -being organized       -planning you day, week, month      -proper...
Integrity is about the small things It is the foundation upon which crucial qualities are built  -Respect  -Dignity   -Trust   Character is made in the small moments of our lives     -Philip Brooks Intergity is an inside job...inside you...your committment Integrity is not determined by circumsta...
Going back through my business journals I came across these Laws of Wealth 1.Law of Clarity -leads to power, which is your ability to do and take the right actions -know your objectives(goals) -specific focus What do I have to do for the next:  Year    Month    Week   What do I want? Are you clea...
1. Be an outstanding student 2. Focus on the prize, not the price How will it feel to conquer your fears 3. Master managing your activity business plan, action plan talk to people focus on activities that get results 4. Raise your standards 5. Be a Role model activity and production enthusiasm to...
1. Be a good Master Copy Be the example for others, lead the way, be the best 2. Build a business focus show up whether you want to or not be a business, you are your business 3. Accept that its a numbers game time is not on your side, learn fast, work fast, get as much done in the shortest time ...
From the time you are born till the day you turn 80years old you've got 29,220 days your working years say 25yrs old to 65yrs old make up 14,600 days What are you going to do with each of those days?  Everyone says to plan but who really does? 4 in 10 people save $1000/yr 5.6% of people are close...
Why say something when someone else has already said it so well. A man who doesn't trust himself can never really trust anyone else.  -Cardinal de Retz Above all else, keep watch over your heart, for herein lie the wellsprings of life.  -proverbs 4:23 Pateince is a bitter plant, but it has sweet ...

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