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Hi to Everyone, We will have a booth at the REIN event this Saturday at the Shaw Centre downtown Edmonton. Vist us and see what we are up to.  We are now able to buy/sell real estate for clients.  We are interested in meeting you and answering your questions.    
Hi All, I wanted to update you on our seminars for "First Time Home Buyers" in Edmonton and Camrose areas starting in January. South Edmonton will be our first one January 29th at one o'clock in the afternoon.  We will have 2 more in February.  It is RSVP and seating is limited. What will be uniq...
Libertas is looking for realtors for the Red Deer area to expand it buy/sell real estate services into the area.  If anyone knows of a few Realtors looking to help start up the Libertas sales force in Red Deer please past thier names onto me. 403.437.4663  
Hi All, I wanted to begin to put the word out that my Brokerage will be doing seminars for "First Time Home Buyers" in Edmonton and Camrose areas starting in January.  What will be unique about our seminar is that we will be educating first time buyers who do not have the money for a down payment...
You will have to look at your provincial rules, or contact a legal specialist, to determine if being late 30% of the time is grounds for you to seek an eviction order. But you also have to consider the practical side. An eviction will take some time, and the tenant may decide to stop paying altog...
Libertas Property Management Inc.(LPMI) Just an update for the Alberta market -->We are adding property under management every month, growing nice and steady -->We will be managing a few small condo boards into 2011 and are open to referrals on these projects -->We have a few Realtors working for...
We are looking to get connected to condo boards looking for management. If you are aware of anyone who is on a condo board and is looking for management we welcome the introduction. Are you tired of your unresponsive condo management company? Are you considering a change of management? Is your bo...
HiThere, I have 5 investors looking for property in Calgary.  With their qualifying power and capital we could probably buy 7 to 10 properties. The criteria is this: Fix and Flip senarios, ugly homes, dogs of the neighbourhood property with basements ready for a suite development in the SW modiva...
I am a real estate investor and Property Management company owner. Libertas Property Management Inc. is the management company and our office is located on the west end of Edmonton, managing in Edmonton and area as well as Camrose. We are looking to expand our properties under management this yea...
I thought if I'd share my research that it might stimulate some suggestions. If anyone has done any work with classified ads online and offline please share. Copy writing ads Criteria #1: Have a quaility product!  So creating a quaility product is important.  You need to believe in your product o...

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