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  Rank Yourself in These Areas:   The Power of Reputation- What are you known for?  Fair?  Plays Hard?  Good Negotiator? The Power of Real Passion-How much do you love what you do? The Power of Research-Do you love learning? The Power of Rapport-What's your EQ?  Do you like people? The Power of R...
  I directly apologize to any customer when my company or I screw up. I consistently deliver on the promises and commitments I make to my customers. I thank customers for their business often. I find ways to make my customers feel special and recognized. I have a customer contact management (CRM)...
  I have a support group that helps me bounce back from adversity when the selling challenges seem too great. I have desensitized myself to sales rejection by simply doing anything that I have feared until I prevail. I'll never let fear immobilize me from reaching sales success. I have a proven p...
  I have a collection of reference success stories segregated by buyer type and for each primary benefit of each product. I involve as many of my prospect's physical senses as possible when I present the solutions my product provides. I accept that the world of selling is not easy. I'm determined...
  I'm able to get potential ideal buyer prospects to call me first as a result of my personal marketing efforts and credible reputation. I know the difference between features, advantages, and true benefits. I'm able to get myself in a passionate selling state whenever I engage prospects on the t...
  I follow a proven questioning methodology that leads prospects effectively through the sales process. I never prescribe my product or service until I've thoroughly diagnosed the buyer's situation and understand it completely. In selling situations, I listen far more often than I talk (70:30 rat...
  I read at least one book on sales strategy per quarter. I listen to audio learning programs when I'm driving during work hours. In the past year, I've identified and worked on at least one area to improve my selling effectiveness. I attended at least one sales or personal development seminar wi...
  I do aerobic exercise four or five times per week and some form of resistance and flexibility training every week. I drink lots of water and follow a nutritionally sound eating routine (e.g., daily breakfast, reduced fat intake, consistent meals, nutritional supplements, etc.). I am aware of my...
I have written down or thought about my strengths and weaknesses as a salesperson within the past two years I have made a commitment to be in the top 10% of salespeople for my company or industry. I invest at least one hour per week toward learning more about my products, business, or industry (...

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