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Yesterday, my mother and I went to fulfill our rights as Americans.  We went to vote!  Yippy skippy Proposition 6 passed!  However, it was quite frustrating!  We went to where we had gone in the past to vote, which is a local elmentary school.  My first question is....why would the county hold vo...
Yesterday, I was speaking with someone I had not seen in some time.  I was telling him that I would much rather do real estate on a smaller scale and do it ethically, than do it on a larger scale, and unethically.  This statement is a no-brainer for me.  I would much rather be able to look at mys...
Do you live in a city where the cops put their scare tactics out there for everyone to see?  The cops in College Station, Texas are often quoted to be like "Nazis."  I guess that is due to the fact that we are a college town.  We have 50,000 students that live here in addition to the 190,000 + re...
I have recently broken my right foot and sprained my left ankle while showing a house.  At first, it felt like another obstacle to get through.  While I have had a somewhat difficult year in real estate, it was quite frustrating.  I started my year off slow, and moved my license to a new company ...

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